The Health and Human Services facet provides educational awareness on health related issues which significantly impact our intergenerational community, including information on diabetes, heart disease, breast cancer, and healthy lifestyles. The Missouri City Chapter’s Passport to STEMulating Healthy Lifestyles is a mentoring program supporting students in Lawson Academy and Yellowstone Academy and their families. Additional programs offered to these students include partnerships with Colgate, Texas Southern University, The Health Museum, Sisters Network, etc.


“Sassy Ladies Go Red: The Dr. Evelyn E. Thornton 7th Annual Hip-Hop Heart Healthy Affair”

Partner in Health & Human Services: Energized for Excellence

For seven years and counting, “Sassy Ladies Go Red: The Dr. Evelyn E. Thornton Annual Hip-Hop Heart-Healthy Affair” serves as a multigenerational community service project designed to empower “Women of All Ages.” The Sassy Ladies are middle school girls (6th grade through 9th grade) who invite friends, family, and the community to learn about the significance of heart health. The event focuses on the importance of community health education, empowers each participant to make healthier lifestyle choices, and exposes students to S.T.E.M. careers that support the health and medical industries. Presentations are provided by the The Health Museum; Dr. Mary Washington, Nephrologist/ ”Rapper MD”; Dr. Baxter Montgomery, Cardiologist; and Ms. Veronica Sanchez, American Heart Association to name a few. Entertainment is provided by Dominique Hammons, a Hip-Hop Violinist. Guests depart with a goodie bags full of heart healthy tools and information to help them achieve their personal heart healthy goals.


“Unstoppable Me: High Expectations”

Partner in Health & Human Services: Energized for Excellence Academy, Inc., The Ensemble Theatre, Chef Tim, Schlumberger, Mint Dentistry and HEB

“Unstoppable Me: High Expectations:” An intergenerational Self Esteem Symposium for middle school girls, their mothers and grandmothers held at The Ensemble Theatre. Community Partners for this program activity included Inspired for Excellence Academy, Inc., Energized for Excellence Academy, Inc., The Ensemble Theatre, Chef Tim – Cooking It Healthy, Schlumberger, Mint Dentistry and HEB.

HHS introduced the students to healthy eating with Chef Tim; Services To Youth presented hands-on STEM activities; National Trends engaged the young girls in discussions on anti-bullying and self-esteem, with many young girls sharing their personal stories; The Arts partnering with The Ensemble performers introduced various forms of arts to the students and awarded two Young Performer scholarships; International Trends had the students assemble dignity kits and write cards to girls/women in Haiti; and Link Janice engaged the parents in motivational discussions.

“Sassy Ladies: Girls +1 Get Healthy!”

Partners in Health & Human Services: The Women’s Fund of Houston, Texas Southern University, Wells Fargo Bank, Harris Health, The Women’s Specialists of Houston, HEB Tournament of Champions, Link Wanda Mott, MD, Teresa Doyle, MA, LPC, Eliot Perez, Chimsom Oleka, MD, The Benge Hurry Family Foundation, The ERwood Foundation, The Lester and Sue Smith Foundation, The Fondren Foundation, Link Argentina James, Link Linda Brown Coleman and Smoothie King.

Sassy Ladies in conjunction with The Women’s Fund hosted an event titled “Girls + 1 get Healthy” at Texas Southern University. This program served to promote healthy lifestyles among adolescent girls and their mothers/grandmothers.  This event included seminars and 5 interactive workshops that provided exposure to healthy eating, resilience, nutrition, physical fitness, financial literacy, stress management, and health screenings.

The Women’s Fund Team included a 7 member team, Workshop Speakers and Baylor College of Medicine Physicians and Medical Students. TSU’s faculty participating were Ms. Linda Jones, Dr. Makuba Lihono, Ellis Morrow and twenty one (21) TSU Student Volunteers from the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics. Eighty (80) participants including middle school girls, mothers and school liaisons from ESTEM Academy, The Lawson Academy, Yellowstone Academy and KIPP Voyager Girls Academy.


“Tickled Pink”

Partners in Health & Human Services: Lawson Academy, Yellowstone Academy

Tickled Pink was geared toward Sassy Ladies from Lawson & Yellowstone Academies, parents, guardians and teachers. The successful event reached 100 attendees. The young girls heard passionate presentations by guest speakers Dr. Charleta Gullory and Rev. Phyllis Paler who shared their personal stories as cancer survivors, Dr. Jessica Suarez (surgeon) who highlighted the importance of early check-ups and reviewed breast cancer treatments. All encouraged careers in medicine. In addition, Link Carla Ortique introduced an innovative art poster project, which the Sassy Ladies bought in posters they designed and voted on the best poster highlighting breast cancer awareness. HHS committee members also hosted the Healthy Eating – Live Cooking Demo, Dinner & Etiquette session at Lawson Academy.


“Bright Smiles, Bright Future”

The National Oral Health Initiative

Partners in Health & Human Services: Yellowstone Academy, Energized for Excellence, Colgate Dental Van

The goal of HHS is to promote and facilitate programs that support the maintenance of good health and the elimination of chronic health disparities in communities of color through education, health advocacy, and optimal utilization of health resources. Community education about health risks is crucial and The Missouri City (TX) Chapter of Links, Inc. partnered with the Colgate Dental Van to allow students of Yellowstone Academy and Energized for Excellence to have dental checkups annually.